Is Silverlight going to kill Flash?

I saw this article on a website

I don’t agree with the news title or the content. Even though I like what Silverlight has to offer and it is a great product. Flash has been around for a very long time and is very mature and huge user base.

There are some things about Silverlight that simply rock but then there are plenty of drawbacks that won’t allow mainstream corporate applications to be written on Silverlight. The other day a co-worker mention that in couple of years no one will be using XHTML and everyone will switch to Silverlight. Somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon either



  1. ahassan said

    Silverlight is very powerful and will eventually be replace Flash. Microsoft is releasing an OS that uses the internet as a platform in the near future and its not a coincidence that Silverlight is a programmable plugin.

  2. instantcode said

    Very interesting comment ahassan. I am a bit confused though as I am not sure what you meant by an OS that uses the internet as a platform?

  3. ahassan said

    Think of it like this: your desktop will be on the internet. This means that any pictures, videos, documents etc that you have will be available to you wherever you go – via the internet.

  4. That makes sense and I certainly agree to that 🙂

  5. ahassan said

    I’ve written an article to demonstrate what I was talking about.

    hope that makes more sense

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